Could TV Advertising Benefit You?

Have you ever thought about how much television advertising with a TV Ad Agency could benefit you and your company? TV advertising has continued to prove itself as a tool to be utilized by businesses, allowing brands to communicate with a mass audience through a medium that seamlessly combines audio and visuals to create maximum impact on the consumer.

The Living Rooms of the Nation

Over the years we have seen TV Advertising become event television, whether it be the plethora of blockbuster ads churned out during the Super Bowl or the latest schmaltzy 3-minute tear-jerker produced in the run up to Christmas. It has imbedded television advertising into the nation’s consciousness making stars of the Oxo Mum, the Smash Martians and more recently Monty the Penguin.

TV Advertising provides the unique opportunity of creating an emotional bond between the product and the public, an attachment that can create an unwavering brand loyalty. Aided by a TV ad agency, television can transport your brand into the heart of a family home, an intimate opportunity impossible to secure with any other medium of advertising. But this reach extends far and beyond the home, lurching into the Twittersphere and solidifying a brand online. Only TV advertisements can create that water cooler moment, create a buzz through word of mouth and across social media and significantly increase brand fame. TV advertising has this unique power to make a brand become a part of the everyday conversation.

That Extra Bit of Prestige

Television advertising also has the distinctive benefit of being able to add an extra level of gravitas to a business. Lined up in an ad break with some of the worlds largest companies gives a brand an extra layer of credibility; consumers instantly have a greater degree of trust in a product advertised on TV. With a scale and reach that is uniquely available to television, advertisers can create themselves a reputation that is much larger than their business truly is, yet still retain the ability to keep TV advertising costs to a minimum.

Sophisticated Advertising Technologies

Supported by a TV advertising agency, any business big or small can now see their brand grow substantially. As technologies have improved, no longer must TV advertising purely be a tool to appeal to the mass-market audience. Since the launch of Sky’s revolutionary Adsmart technologies, television advertising can now be focused to appeal to socioeconomic backgrounds, postcodes and even to the type of newspaper that you read. As TV audiences have become far more fragmented driven by the greater channel choices, these innovative advertising technologies have found the perfect way to easily access a consumer’s customer base and this will only continue to minimize wastage, significantly improving cost efficiency.

Consequently, TV advertising agencies now have the ability to comprehensively track all their campaigns. This creates the ability to ensure that all campaigns are accountable and therefore constantly can be optimized to fulfill the client’s needs. Furthermore, with the launch of BARB’s eagerly anticipated Project Dovetail seeming imminent, it will allow us to track TV viewing across all platforms, not just on the traditional TV set creating an extra sophisticated tool at the TV ad agencies disposal. Not only does this mean that advertises can pin point a precise audience and easily access their target demographic, but it also ensures that TV advertising costs stay efficient.

The Nation of Multi Screeners

Whether its tweeting, shopping or Facebook stalking we are becoming a nation of Multi Screeners, which is only adding an additional benefit to TV advertisers. In recent years Multi Screen Viewing has continued to rise, helping to streamline the transaction process and direct response to ads. As this has continued to grow we have seen advertisers develop new technologies to further optimize the advertising experience for both the advertisers and the viewers alike. No longer does the consumer have to head to their study and wait for their dial-up to purchase their car insurance or next holiday and as the phenomenon of multi screening becomes more prevalent, direct response will become even more instantaneous than before.

Now it’s your Chance

Perhaps today is the day you begin your TV advertising adventure, instilling that extra prestige into your brand, creating a powerful emotional attachment with your consumers and reaping many more benefits for your business. Call TV advertising agency Guerillascope to find out all about our services and the cost of TV advertising.


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